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What to Do at the Accident


If you have been in an accident with another vehicle –

  • Put your vehicle in PARK & TURN IT OFF

Check to make sure everyone is OK. When in doubt CALL 9-1-1. Adrenaline can mask serious injury!

CALL 9-1-1 if:

Are the vehicles disabled?

Are Vehicle Fluids Leaking?

Is Traffic Blocked?

Has Property Been Damaged?

If the vehicles are able to be moved and are in the way of traffic move them out of the way and to a safe place

Document the Wreck:

  • Name (s)
  • Address (es)
  • Phone Number (s)
  • Date & Time of the Wreck
  • Insurance Company Name & Policy Number
  • Year, Make, Model and License Plate Number
  • Witness Information
  • Snap Some Photos of the scene
  • List Consistent and Accurate Notes Leading up to, During , and After the Accident  Including Statements from Anyone at the Scene, Names & Contact Info for anyone you encounter at the scene including police officers.

Notify the Auto Body Shop of your choice for guidance.

Yes, it’s YOUR choice where your vehicle is repaired.

Notify your INSURANCE COMPANY even if you believe the accident was not your fault JUST IN CASE!

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING unless it is for the police or your own insurance company.




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