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Does your camera have X-RAY VISION?

We all want our lives to be easier, do things quicker and get on with our day. However, some shortcuts can leave us wishing we didn’t take them.

We encourage you to TAKE PHOTOS of the vehicles involved in your vehicle collision, the scene, roadway, surroundings, etc. for your records and as evidence to what may have happened to cause the accident. This can help you in the long run with claims.

Photos are a good starting point to examine fault and damages but photos are extremely limited. Think twice before taking a shortcut to get your insurance claim done and over with.

Your camera, unless you are from the future and have this technology, does NOT have X-ray vision. It cannot see past what you can.

We get your vehicle in our shop and do a complete review of what damages were caused by your collision. We look under the hood, at the frame, motor, air conditioning apparatus, radiator, hoses, electrical lines, computer.. the list goes on.

Then, we make our recommendation for repairs to your insurance company.

Think about it like this:

Say you accidentally dropped your brand new TV while moving into a new apartment. Looks ok.. no cracks or scratches  but when you go to plug it in and turn it on the picture that show up has a bright purple tinge to it. Oh boy. It’s broken.

You didn’t SEE any damage so you thought it was “fine”. Same with your vehicle. There are thousands of moving parts and electrical mechanisms and computer chips, etc.. that makes your vehicle “go”.

Simply looking at a DENT or snapping a photo will not show you what may or may not have been damaged underneath and your insurance company may or may not take that into consideration when offering you your insurance settlement.

Unfortunately, once you “settle” you usually cannot go back and ask for more money to fix the underlying damage.

Moral of this story? Have the auto body shop professionals examine your vehicles damage before sending in the estimate for repair! Shortcuts in this case DO NOT PAY.

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