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It’s Back To School Time Soon! – Drive CAUTIOUSLY!

Yes, it’s that time again. Little ones will be crossing the street. Buses will be flashing their lights and signs and DRIVERS should be EXTRA cautious when traveling.

If you have lived in an area for a couple of years you are probably aware of the locations of:


However, if you are new to an area you may want to take extra caution when traveling during active school months.

School Zone SignDO A TEST RUN

Take a drive around your community and especially drive the routes you use the most.

  • The Grocery store or Mall
  • Work
  • The Doctor
  • Post Office, Etc.

Pay attention to where the crosswalks are located and where the school zones are. We all get accustomed to just driving past those during the summer and not giving it a second thought. Soon those lights will be flashing, buses will slow you down during your travels and children will be seen EVERYWHERE.


If you find that your normal route is the same route the buses use you may want to leave a few extra minutes early to avoid frustration. Frustration can lead to road rage and erratic driving which will be doubly dangerous during school time.

Don't text and driveDO NOT TEXT

Not only is it illegal in Pennsylvania but it is also a leading cause of accidents. We all think we are coordinated enough to text and drive but PLEASE do not try it during school times. There are extra things to pay attention to on the roadways and children, however well behaved, can still get excited and “dart” out in front of you at any time.


Look up your states signs for school crossing, school zone, etc. Burn them into your brain so you will recognize them while driving. We tend to forget or ignore these during summer months. Why not take a few minutes to refresh your memory?


  • NEVER pass a vehicle or make a u-turn in a school zone.
  • SLOW DOWN if you are traveling behind a bus or IMMEDIATELY when you see a bus coming the other direction.
  • STOP for children crossing from a bus.
  • WAIT – I always “move” a few seconds after the bus does just to make sure.
  • FULLY STOP and look around for a few seconds at the stop signs around cross walks and school zones.


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