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Why you need to keep all the junk out of your car


Once of the first things you should learn is how to open your vehicle’s hood. Almost all the upkeep for your vehicle is done under the hood so this is a very important step.

We all know we need to buckle our family up when riding in our vehicles before heading out to try to be safe but have you ever thought about what can happen with flying debris inside the car during an accident?

Cases have been documented of small children suffering fractured skulls from something simple like a cell phone flying up and striking them in a collision.

Anything unattached or not tied down can be a projectile and a potentially deadly missile.

Can you imagine the crushing force of another person or pet hitting a child at collision speeds?

Keep loose items in the glove box or in a tote or bag securely tucked into your trunk or rear storage area. REMEMBER: If your vehicle has a flap or closure above the rear storage area make sure to CLOSE it to secure items stored back there.

HOW do you keep up with all the trash and junk in your car?

MAKE IT A HABIT – Get into the habit. Every time you stop to get fuel dump your garbage while you wait for the pump.

DON’T THROW ALL OF THESE AWAY – SAVE one or two plastic bags when you shop. Keep them in your glove compartment in case you need them for a quick trash cleanup. You can even use them for a quickie “sick” bag. TIP: Double up on the plastic bags for “sick” to prevent leaks.

It’s a PAIN but please keep your cell phone in a holder or in the glove compartment when you are driving. There are several holders you can purchase which will hold your phone securely. RULE OF THUMB – Keep everything heavier than a pack of gum behind a secure closure while you are driving.

Over the years we worked with literally thousands and thousands of cars… every make and model. We can tell you first hand there is usually so much stuff in all of them… things that do not need to be in there. Take a couple of minutes to look around your car and take everything out you don’t need to have in there/ Then, put all those necessary items inside the storage compartments where they belong.

It only takes a few minutes but could save someone you love serious injury or worse.

Please do it now while you’re thinking about it.

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