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Preparing for LABOR DAY TRAFFIC When Traveling

Labor Day is one of the most heavily trafficked days in America. There are a few things you can do to prepare for a SAFE weekend on the roads!

#1 – CHECK YOUR VEHICLE to make sure all the fluids are full, tires are aired up, etc. Check out our youtube channel for videos to help you do this. [CLICK HERE]

#2 – STOCK YOUR VEHICLE with emergency supplies. [CLICK HERE for the LIST]

#3 – PLAN YOUR ROUTE – Check the weather and traffic patterns on http://www.511pa.com and you can use your GPS or CELL PHONE to adjust your route on the fly. Accidents will happen so instead of waiting for hours while traffic is backed up have your “navigator” or other passenger check the site and see where the accidents are.

#4 – NEVER TEXT or even MESS WITH YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING. USE HANDS FREE or bring a NAVIGATOR to help you with your planning.

#5 – KEEP DISTRACTIONS DOWN – If you are traveling with your kids you KNOW how impatient they can be. BRING LOTS OF STUFF for them to do, eat and drink to keep the distraction at a minimum. Distractions can lead to an error in driving and an accident.

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