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A look around an owner’s manual

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While vehicle owner’s manuals can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer most owner’s manuals have basically the same things except sometimes, if you take the time, they can reveal some SECRETS you may not know about the vehicle you are driving!

Each year vehicles are packed with more and more cool & useful gadgets that can not only keep you and your passengers safer but also save you money and entertain you!

Here are some features you may be missing:

  1. Parking Assist
  2. Avoid Collisions
  3. Early Detection
  4. Drowsiness Alert!
  5. Adaptive Headlights and Windshield Wipers
  6. Push Button Start
  7. & More!

Your OWNER’S MANUAL can show you how they work!

A SECRET in my OWN owner’s manual – Things we put in the rear of our Subaru tend to slide around no matter WHAT we do. I found a useful item in my owner’s manual.. BAG HOOKS! Now my groceries won’t slide!


Sometimes a warning light comes on within your lighted dash that you have never seen before.

No need to FREAK OUT just yet.

Grab your owner’s manual and see what that light means. Most often it can help avoid further damage to your vehicle IF you do what your owner’s manual suggests.

Below are some lights you might see.

Next, Go to the page in your owner’s manual that describes what to do if you see that light.

Sometimes lights come on within your dash that mean something IS ALREADY WORKING like the OVERDRIVE INDICATOR LIGHT.

What is OVERDRIVE (O/D) ?

Overdrive in a vehicle when turned ON can save you on fuel costs. It allows the transmission to shift into the higher gears when the vehicle reaches certain speeds and above.

Speed depends on the make, year and model of your vehicle but generally IF YOU HAVE THE OVERDRIVE FEATURE and you plan to drive on roadways with a speed of 60MPH or more it’s best to turn ON your O/D feature.

Can’t find your VIN number? Look at your vehicle’s registration or insurance card. Most of the time you will need to know the MAKE, MODEL, YEAR and / or VIN number to look up your vehicle’s owner’s manual online.

Either look at your manual online or order one for your glove compartment. Fist, go to your vehicle’s manufacturer website. Most vehicle manufacturers will have all their owner’s manuals either online or they may offer them for purchase.

Can’t find your vehicle’s manufacturer website? Go to www.edmunds.com Scroll down and find the make of your vehicle. They have links to most manufacturer’s websites.


  1. Ask your dealership
  2. View it online
  3. Order it online
    1. Ebay
    2. Amazon
    3. ManualsoOnline

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