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Driving at Night After a Long Day – Remember JOLT?

For those of you who have ever worked a night shift or had to drive in the dark after a long work day you may be familiar with the popular, DOUBLE the caffeine, sugary drink JOLT. While adding a little extra caffeine when you are tired is generally “ok” be careful not to consume too much.

We live in a world where ENERGY DRINKS are so commonplace you see young people drinking them on a daily basis. If you are one of those people who have to have 1 or 2 energy drinks to get you through the day you may need an extra boost before driving at night OR if you have quite a few in a day you may need to cut them out in the afternoon.

Why? Caffeine tends to make a body experience a shaky or nervous feeling. Your eyesight could become affected by the caffeine you consume and could be even MORE noticeable at night when your eyes tend to focus and work MORE.

If you feel too tired to drive take a little nap in your vehicle for a few minutes to an hour. SET AN ALARM on your phone or have a friend or family member call you at a specific time to wake you up.

This will give your body and especially your eyes time to rest for the drive home.

If you can’t sleep just get into a comfortable position and keep your eyes closed for the “nap”.

Your body needs REST not more caffeine. Take the time to give it a little break and you will not only feel better but be more capable of performing tasks.. like DRIVING AT NIGHT.

If you REALLY need to get somewhere right away and don’t have the time to rest a little extra caffeine should do the trick. If you continue to feel tired and need to consume more and more caffeine you should consult a doctor.


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