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Transporting hot foods during the holiday season can be tricky. Depending on what dish your food is in hot food in a vehicle can be dangerous too.

If you are baking your food in a glass dish be EXTRA CAREFUL. If your casserole dish, glass, is “fresh out of the oven” HOT be careful NOT to put it near any WATER or moist areas. If the water comes in contact with the super hot glass it might shatter causing injury. I have been there! After making my famous stuffing balls in my favorite Pyrex baking casserole I set the dish on the counter without a hot pad or trivet under it and there were a few droplets of water left over from wiping the counter clean. SMASH! It instantly smashed.. almost exploded and there goes my stuffing balls. My family was needless to say disappointed and my favorite baking dish was destroyed.

Rule of thumb when handling HOT, glass baking dishes? – Always look out for water and ALWAYS use a hot pad, dry towel or trivet to set the hot dish on after immediately removing it from the oven.

TRANSPORTING a glass baking dish –

You can use this method with any baking dish really as long as it does not contain soup or soupy foods. See below for some tips on that situation!

Even if your casserole does not have a heat proof or glass lid lay down a dry towel (bath towels work best because they are larger). Then, place an extra long sheet of aluminum foil on top of the towel. Take your baking dish immediately from the oven and place it on the aluminum foil. CAREFULLY wrap the aluminum foil around and on top of your food dish and / or the food dish lid. Smooth it out as best you can without burning yourself. I keep the oven mits on for this.

Wrap the towel over the top and sides so its all covered.

Place the entire thing into either a cardboard box or cooler.

Lay out a towel in your vehicle and place the cardboard box on top of it. This will keep it from sliding around and collect any spills that may happen.


Same as above but add an extra step. Lay the towel down then aluminum foil THEN a layer of PRESS n SEAL over the casserole or between the lid and casserole. Again, BE CAREFUL not to burn yourself!

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