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SKATING on Ice is FUN… DRIVING on Ice is NOT!

Most of us have skated on the ice or tired to at one point or another in our lives. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to skate on ice with our vehicles! Before your next driving trip whether it is across town or hours away throw some extra “stuff” into your vehicle just in case.

#1 – Melting Salt – Helpful if you get stuck or maybe when you returned to your vehicle you found that you parked in a puddle and it’s now frozen.

#2 – Cat Litter is cheaper – Pick up a bag of cat litter to use as traction if your vehicle is on a slippery spot or if you get stuck. It’s also cheaper than melting salt.

#3 – Blankets or something to keep you WARM – If you can’t get unstuck then chances are you will be waiting for a while. Sometimes we forget to fuel up so we may need to sit in the cold with the motor off.

#4 – Good, warm walking shoes or boots – NO CELL PHONE SERVICE. Those of us who live in rural areas and especially the mountain areas know we don’t always have cell service. Sometimes we need to walk to get help.

#5 – AIR UP YOUR TIRES and/or make sure your tires have good tread for traction.

#6 – SHOVEL – Throw a shovel and an extra floor mat into your trunk or secure them in the rear of your vehicle. REMEMBER – Always SECURE items that could fly at your head in an accident!

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