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Summer Vs Winter Washer Fluid – What’s The Difference?

If you live in a cold climate you should be aware that some of your vehicles fluids might freeze when the temperature drops below a certain point. That could mean damage to your vehicle!

Washer fluid is the #1 culprit. Consisting of mostly water of course it might freeze depending on the brand and type you have poured in there.

That is why it’s always a good idea to replace your summer fluid with winter mix. Sometimes called “DE-ICER” you can find winter washer fluid almost anywhere if you live in a cold climate area. IE: Here in Pennsylvania we have lots of convenience stores. When you are fueling up next time, grab a gallon of de-icer or winter washer fluid.

Don’t forget to take the TIME to lift the hood and pour some in! It only take a few minutes. WATCH OUR VIDEO if you nave never refilled your washer fluid. It will help!


As mentioned, SUMMER washer fluid, usually BLUE, has a lot of water. WINTER washer fluid or DE-ICER has an additive which prevents or helps to prevent freezing. It also helps prevent it from FREEZING TO YOUR WINDSHIELD when you are spraying it to clean off the road salt!

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