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Don’t Warm Up Your Vehicle. WHAT?!

None of us want to leave our nice, warm home to sit in a freezing car but that may be the better option opposed to making it good and toasty before traveling. If we know we have to endure a little cold while traveling to work or the store orRead More

Do Your Homework

How Do YOU Choose Who Gets Your Money? You work hard for your money. Parting with it can be a painful experience especially if the amount is significant or it is being used for something you care about more than your weekly groceries. Which company or small business deserves yourRead More

How to Remove Road Tar from Vehicle Paint

If you haven’t experienced the aftermath of driving on freshly tarred and chipped road we hope you never have to! Sometimes road workers put out a sign “FRESH TAR and CHIPS” but often they don’t. You turn onto a road and WHAM you hear what sounds like rain but it’sRead More

Do You Like Getting Your Hands DIRTY?

Mechanics all get their hands dirty. It’s part of the job.. and the FUN of being a mechanic! That doesn’t mean they should be leaving their dirt in your vehicle. We have heard it time and time again. “Your place is SO CLEAN!” That’s because we take pride in makingRead More

Book of Secrets (Your Owner’s Manual) Techie Features of Your Vehicle You Won’t Believe You Have!

If you have not purchased a vehicle in the last 10 years you will be shocked at some of the advancements in technology they have squeezed into your car, truck or suv! A few low percentage of vehicle owner’s will take the time to actually READ their owner’s manual butRead More

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