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How to Change Your Windshield Wipers


Having trouble seeing out your windshield when it rains or snows? Are the wipers “slapping” against your windshield? Do they look worn or worn out? Then, it’s time to change them. You can pay your mechanic to do it but it is SO EASY to replace your wiper blades why not try to replace them YOURSELF?

First thing to do is make sure you buy the right kind of washer blade for your vehicle’s MAKE, MODEL and YEAR. If you are unsure you can check your owner’s manual. You could MEASURE the blade but wiper blades are generally made for specific MAKES, MODELS and YEARS of vehicle. Why? Because the manufacturer may use a different mechanism for attachment. Below you will see the most common.. a “hook” and “tab”.

You can visit your local auto parts store or department store’s vehicle section. Wherever you “go” to get your replacement wiper blades there is usually a book or small computer for you to use to look up your vehicles make, model and year so you get the correct wiper blades. If you can’t find your vehicle in the book or computer don’t be afraid to ask one of the attendants of the store or section for help finding the right one.

Alternatively, you can order wiper blades online. You will need to know your vehicles MAKE, MODEL and YEAR. Two sites I have found easy to use and cheap enough are www.ezwipers.com and www.mywipersize.com but there are thousands of places online where you can order wiper blades.

Now that you have your replacements you can remove the your old wiper blades. Look for a “tab” near the center of the blade. PULL UP on the tab. (It may be a little tough depending on how long it’s been since you changed them last) Once you have released the wiper blade from the arm, if your arm has the “hook” type attachment, PUSH and WIGGLE your blade until it releases from the arm.

Can’t find the “tab” to release your wiper blade? Check your owner’s manual to see what type of mechanism is used on your vehicle.

Unpack your NEW wiper blade and attach it the same way you detached the old one. It may take a little wiggling and pushing to get it on.

PUSH down the “tab”, if your vehicle has this, so it is secure.

TEST your windshield wipers by turning them on to HIGH then low then high for about 20 – 40 seconds to make sure they are going to stay ON the arms. This is so important because you don’t want to be driving down the road and have your wipers fall off!

YOU DID IT! Wasn’t that easy and you saved yourself some money by doing it YOURSELF!

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