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Checking & Filling your Washer Fluid


Once of the first things you should learn is how to open your vehicle’s hood. Almost all the upkeep for your vehicle is done under the hood so this is a very important step.

Look under your steering column down by the foot pedals. The “pull” is generally near the drivers side door.

If you are unsure where your hood “pull” is check your owner’s manual.

Once you have “popped” the hood from the inside usually there is a SECONDARY LATCH under the front of your hood itself.

It may take some feeling around to find the secondary latch so you can fully open your hood. If you cannot locate it always check your owners manual.

IMPORTANT – When opening your hood you want to make sure it stays up. Some vehicles have a “rod” tucked into the body usually on the right hand side under where the hood rests when it’s down. However, a lot of newer vehicles simply have hydraulic cylinders or some form of mechanical “lift” which will keep your hood in the UP position safely while working under the hood.

Make sure your hood is going to stay UP before sticking your head under there!



It is so important to check your windshield washer fluid and keep it full especially during winter months when snow and road salt can impair visibility through your windshield.


#1 – Paper towels – In case of spill and for cleanup

#2 – Funnel – May or may not be needed depending on where your fill opening is located under the hood.

#3 – 1 Container of washer fluid. There are several types and brands of washer fluid offered year round at your local convenient store, gas station, department store, etc. The “blue” type is good enough but if you want to use a different type read the label to decide which one is best for your vehicle, time of year and use.

Your windshield washer fluid reservoir has a cap which usually has the symbol shown below.

Once you have removed the cap and the cap from your bottle of windshield washer fluid place them both on a clean surface.

Dirt can cause clogging of the tubes and mechanisms.

You may or may not want to use a funnel. The opening should be big enough so you don’t have to but it is a matter of choice.

Be careful not to over fill your reservoir. There should be a FILL LINE somewhere on the tank itself to serve as a guide.


#1 – Replace the caps so they are secure.

#2 – Put your washer fluid away

#3 – Make sure there is nothing left under your hood which could cause harm to your vehicle or even start a fire. Then, close the hood and make sure it is secure.



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