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10 Things to Keep in Your Vehicle Just in Case

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If you have children you may want to keep more items in case of an emergency or break down.

#1 – A Fully charged cell phone. You can also throw in your old, deactivated phone and keep it charged in your car all the time. Even deactivated cell phones can be used to call out to 9-1-1

#2 – Jumper Cables – (see our other videos on how to jump start your vehicle) Batteries don’t last forever and many things can cause your battery to “die”. Extreme cold, Old battery, alternator failure, loose connections, leaving your lights on or door / hatch open, etc. If you have your jumper cables you can generally find someone to assist you with their vehicle. Don’t rely on THEM to have a set of jumper cables. Jumper cables are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at an auto parts store, department store, and sometimes at convenience stores and truck stops.

#3 – A Flashlight & Multi-Tool – Sometimes you can get stranded at night. Make sure your flashlight has enough battery / power or get one you can leave in your vehicle to charge. A simple MULTI-TOOL can be a life saver if you need to tighten or cut or clamp something as a “quick fix” until you can get your vehicle to a repair shop. Multi-tools can be purchased at a department store, outdoor sports store, auto parts store and sometimes at convenient stores and truck stops.

#3 – You can even use your multi-tool to open your child’s new toy and AVOID the dreaded pouty face!

#3 – Yet another use for your multi-tool can be to cut a seat belt to free you or one of your passengers if you are ever in an accident. An EMERGENCY HAMMER is a great addition to your supplies too! Keep it close to you yet secured inside your vehicle like in your center console or glove compartment. Make sure it is secure and not allowed to fly around in a rollover accident.

#4 – Road Flares or Reflective Triangles – When you have to pull over next to a roadway whether it is heavily used or not you should ALWAYS set out reflective triangles or road flares. This will alert road traffic that your vehicle is not moving and there may be people walking around your vehicle. Generally, other drivers will give an extra wide berth to avoid hitting you or your vehicle.

#5 – Food, Snacks & Water – We eat approximately 3 times a day. Keeping food, snacks and water in your vehicle will make sure you have enough calories to survive if you are stranded for more than a few hours. MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) and granola bars will keep a long time stored in your vehicle. Water is best to keep in your car instead of soda or other drinks. However, you can also keep some flavoring packets in your emergency supplies too. Check your food stores about once a month to make sure nothing has expired, broken open or is in other ways unfit to consume.

#6 – Warm Blankets – Keep a FEW warm blankets in your vehicle. Even if you don’t use them in a stranded situation sometimes you or your passengers just need a little extra warmth or a cuddle!

# 7 – Ice Scraper, Salt or Cat Litter – Yes, cat litter. It is cheaper than a bag of salt and can be used for not only melting ice and snow but providing traction if your vehicle becomes “stuck”.

# 8 – First Aid Kit PLUS – You can buy a standard first aid kit at any department store and in varying sizes. However, you always want to customize it and add to it depending on your own personal needs. Think about what medication or personal items you would need if you went camping. That is a good start to find out what to put in your personal, emergency pack. Throw in a lighter or fire starter for good measure. Sounds a bit extreme but sometimes you just need a flame. IE: Sterilize, create a fire for warmth, etc.

# 9 – A Folding Shovel – If you live in a place that gets snow or rain your vehicle may get stuck. Having a shovel can save you from being stranded.

#10 – Tire Sealant, Work Gloves & Fire Extinguisher – Tire sealant can add enough “air” into your flat or low tire to get you to a garage. Work gloves will save your hands from getting dirty AND possibly cut or burned depending on the situation. A fire extinguisher. Always be prepared for a fire. Fires can start in your vehicle anywhere. Under the hood, at your brakes, even in your trunk. You can save your vehicle if you can prevent a small fire from fully engulfing your vehicle.


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