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“Where R U?” Save Yourself With A Text!

“Where R U?” Have you ever gotten this text? Most of us have.

Our loved ones and friends tend to worry when we are not on time or they have not heard from us in a while but that is not the only reason to keep communication going.

Here in Pennsylvania we have lots of hills and mountains to drive on. Hills and mountains come with gullies and ravines where it would be near impossible to see a vehicle that has gone off the roadway and landed in one from the roadside.

Making sure SOMEONE knows where you are going and what route you are taking is MORE IMPORTANT during winter months.

If your vehicle goes into a ravine it may be too steep to climb out with the snow and ice.

Some accident survivors will walk around the ravine to try and find a way back “up”. This is a very bad idea if you are not familiar with the area. You can easily lose your way and become LOST. STAY PUT for as long as you can to wait for help.

HELP can only reach you if SOMEONE knows where you are going and on what route!

Reporting a missing person can be met with hours, sometimes days of waiting for emergency personnel to start looking for you. Then, where do they start looking?


Try to keep the communication open by sending a text once in a while or giving your loved ones or friends a quick call when you are traveling even on short trips.

NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE. Use your hands free or take a 5 minute break. While you are getting your coffee or other drink TAKE THE TIME to write that text or better yet GOOGLE YOUR DESTINATION and send the link to someone so they know what route you are on.

A single text can save your life if you get stranded in a place roadway traffic cannot see you!



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