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Take The Time For Safety

We ALL get busy at times and it might seem like you just don’t have the time to pay attention to detail but this little detail could put your little ones in jeopardy.

Child safety seats are made to protect your little girl or guy from being thrown around inside your vehicle during an accident. They keep your child secure but they will not be able to do their job if they are not strapped into your vehicle correctly. Moreover, your child needs to be “strapped” into the seat properly in order for it to keep him/her SAFE.

DON’T SKIP STEPS – Make sure you read through your child seat manual. Then, you will be sure you are using it to get the maximum benefit for your child.

DON’T THINK SHORT TRIPS ARE NOT WORTH STRAPPING IN YOUR CHILD – Lots of us have thought about this one at one point or another. An accident can happen anywhere at any time even during a short trip to the store or post office. Take the time to secure your child into their car seat.

DON’T SACRIFICE SAFETY FOR COMFORT – Children can be very willful and may throw a fit now and them because they don’t WANT to be in their car seat. YOU are the parent. Sometimes our kids won’t LIKE us for making them do certain things but we know it is for their safety. Trust me. They will get over it.

DON’T SACRIFICE SAFETY for SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Easter, weddings, church, etc.. We do take the time to dress our little ones in cute outfits but improperly securing a child seat or a child into a seat because you don’t want it to wrinkle is not work the safety risk.


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