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HomeLOVE YOUR CAR! – Road salt is the enemy – PROTECT your vehicleLOVE YOUR CAR! – Road salt is the enemy – PROTECT your vehicle

LOVE YOUR CAR! – Road salt is the enemy – PROTECT your vehicle

Winter is here and it comes with the dreaded road salt on your vehicle.

There are a few things to help your vehicles paint and all metal parts from rusting away and being damaged by the road salt.

#1 – AVOID puddles and salt trucks – I know, I know – it’s tempting to follow the salt truck to feel safer on the roadway but it could damage your vehicles paint, etc. Not only is salt corrosive but bouncing salt balls can chip your paint too leaving the metal parts exposed.

#2 – WAX your vehicle – A little extra, invisible layer of protection for your paint job is well worth the 30 minutes or so you take to do it.

#3 – WASH your vehicle at least every 10 days and USE THE UNDERSPRAY. Wash that salt off the underside of your vehicle too.

#4 – If you really want to get creative you can have the underside of your vehicle “treated” before winter. Several garages in the area offer to do this and comparing the cost of repairing rusted out wheel wells to the cost of a good underspray coat it’s well worth the money.

#5 – Use common sense – If you see that awful white film on your vehicle swing through the automatic car wash on the way home from work. Anytime you can wash your vehicle in the winter months you should.

#6 – Swap out those fancy, color coordinated floor mats for those bulky, heavy rubber ones with the lip around the border. This will keep all the melted snow and salt residue on the mat on not rusting out your floor and ruining your carpet.

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