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Tire Chains – Ever Use Them?

Some of us remember walking on top of 4 feet of snow with a layer of about 3 inches of ice on top. Winters seemed more severe 20+ years ago and tire chains were just a part of winter driving. Now, I am not sure if our newbie drivers even know they exist.

Too bad. Tire chains can be the difference between getting stranded and driving away to a nice warm place.

You can purchase tire chains at a reasonable price at most department stores and auto parts stores. Keep them in your vehicle “just in case” and you will be prepared if the weather gets bad.

PRACTICE putting the chains on your tires before you need them!

#1 – Purchase your tire / snow chains

#2 – READ the owners manual that will come with the chains. I know it’s a pain but it’s really the best way to learn how to put them on without frustration. Not every set of tire chains are the same and putting them on can be very different depending on what chains you purchase.


Lay out your chains and undo all the kinks so they lay flat

If your chains have tighteners make sure they are on the outside of your tire.

Grab the chains from the middle and place them over your tire

Adjust your tire chains so the ends can be connected together at the bottom. Centering is probably the best way.

Stretch out the ends so they are on the outside of the tires and won’t get run over when we pull ahead.

SLOWLY drive forward about a foot or so the ends of the chain can be fastened at the back of your tires.

Connect the inner side first. (inside – under your vehicles wheel well.)

Make sure the chains are as tight as you can get them on both sides. Adjust either side as needed.

If your chains have tighteners go ahead and tighten the chains after they have been fastened.

Some chains also come with BUNGIE tighteners too. Fasten them onto the chains to avoid having them fall off during driving.

READ THE OWNERS MANUAL of your chains.

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