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Tire Chains – Ever Use Them?

Some of us remember walking on top of 4 feet of snow with a layer of about 3 inches of ice on top. Winters seemed more severe 20+ years ago and tire chains were just a part of winter driving. Now, I am not sure if our newbie drivers evenRead More


Probably the best advice to give your newbie driver when venturing out on winter roads for the first time. Take it slow and NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS meaning: 1 – Don’t “jerk” your wheel to over correct a “slide” or “skid” 2 – Don’t SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES. 3 – KeepRead More

Ain’t No Sunshine…

Winter is a dreary and DARK time especially when you are driving to work in the DARK. Those of us who suffer from the winter blues or “winter tiredness” have to battle our sleepy eyes to stay on schedule. When there is little to no light our bodies release chemicalsRead More

Unwanted guests in your vehicle?

Those of us who live in a rural area have more to worry about than just vehicle maintenance especially if we are lucky enough to have more than one vehicle. Having a “spare” vehicle or even one pretty classic car can mean that vehicle will sit for extended periods ofRead More

Staying Warm if the Electricity Goes Out

If you have never experienced a power outage during winter months you may wonder “How am I supposed to keep warm?”. Here are a few suggestions: CLOSE OFF UNUSED ROOMS – It’s best to huddle down in a centrally located room next to or near the bathroom to conserve warmth.Read More

Protect your “Babies” from the Cold

Bundling up is so important during the cold weather and preparedness is crucial. While stocking your vehicle with some extra emergency supplies like hand warmers, extra gloves and socks, fire starters and the like don’t forget to add some emergency supplies for your pets who are traveling with you. 1Read More

Don’t Warm Up Your Vehicle. WHAT?!

None of us want to leave our nice, warm home to sit in a freezing car but that may be the better option opposed to making it good and toasty before traveling. If we know we have to endure a little cold while traveling to work or the store orRead More

LOVE YOUR CAR! – Road salt is the enemy – PROTECT your vehicle

Winter is here and it comes with the dreaded road salt on your vehicle. There are a few things to help your vehicles paint and all metal parts from rusting away and being damaged by the road salt. #1 – AVOID puddles and salt trucks – I know, I knowRead More

Keep some de-icer in your purse or work desk just in case!

We can get some nasty ice storms here in Pennsylvania. Often we get to our vehicle and find our door handles and locks are frozen shut. Rather than waiting about an hour for your vehicle to warm up (IF you are lucky enough to have an automatic car starter) orRead More

ICE – It sure is pretty but DANGEROUS! Try some HOMEMADE DE-ICER!

Here is a “homemade” solution to icy stairs and sidewalks! Salt is corrosive and may harm your cement stairs and sidewalks over time. What to do? #1 – TRY DE-ICER widhshield washer fluid! It is pre-mixed and you can grab and go on your way home from stocking up atRead More

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