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What to Do at the Accident

WATCH THE “HOW TO” VIDEO [HERE] If you have been in an accident with another vehicle – STOP & STAY CALM Put your vehicle in PARK & TURN IT OFF TURN ON your FLASHERS Check to make sure everyone is OK. When in doubt CALL 9-1-1. Adrenaline can mask seriousRead More

How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

WATCH THE “HOW TO” VIDEO [HERE] Having trouble seeing out your windshield when it rains or snows? Are the wipers “slapping” against your windshield? Do they look worn or worn out? Then, it’s time to change them. You can pay your mechanic to do it but it is SO EASYRead More

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

WATCH THE “HOW TO” VIDEO ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL [HERE] Why should you check the air in your vehicle’s tires? Not only will poor air pressure or “less than optimum” air pressure cause uneven and excessive wear on your tires tread leading to premature replacement but it can also putRead More

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